Point Of Sale (POS) sytem

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BX Soft offers high standard POS systems for restaurants, KTV, massage, spa, and also integrated with hotel system.

  • Two languages:English and Chinese

  • Touch screen ready

  • Friendly user interface

  • Flexible end-of-shift or end-of-day reports to track cash, credit cards, discounts, free comps

  • Multiple users (up to limit of database)

  • Export data to Excel and PDF

To control your cash with a BX POS System. We offer you a flexible designed for restaurants, mini marts, KTVs, wholesalers, retail shops, gas stations, and more customization follow your business required.


BX POS system includes everything you need to provide a good experience for your customers – both hardware and software with our system, you can manage the tables, control the inventory, run useful reports, and view information in multiple languages.

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